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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's just 1:00 a.m. on the east coast of the united states. you're watching cnn. two big stories this hour, the unrest in baltimore and the aftermath of the deadly earthquake in nepal. >> a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> and we begin with the latest out of baltimore, maryland. >> at least ten people have been arrested since the 10:00 curfew began, 10:00 p.m. eastern time, 10:00 p.m. local time. is in some 2,000 national guard members and more than 1,000 police are on the streets trying to maintain the peace. >> officers used pupper bullets and smoke canisters.
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some protesters were seen throwing objects back at police, but there were no major clashes. >> i get reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity or movement throughout the city as a whole. so the curfew is, in fact, working as the mayor had called. >> that curfew in effect. you heard the police commissioner there. tonight follows protests and rioting monday night. >> let's go to miguel marquez now live in baltimore with the latest. three hours into this curfew and it appears to be in effect. what's the latest where you are? >> it is in effect and it's taken a while for it to take effect. there was a long, slow period of putting it into effect at north and pennsylvania just down the
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way here. this is north avenue and you can see that most of the police presence has pulled out and you have national guardsmen and humvees and some state troopers. you have a sense of the neighborhood here, the building that is abandon there across north avenue. so what happened, essentially, is that the police moved the protesters out, what for most of the day was sort of part political rally, part protest and part street festival, amazingly enough. that portion of town turned into a gathering place and a point of pride for the neighbors in this area. they came here, they formed lines along the police lines, putting their backs to the police. they wanted to show the word that they were in -- they moved this out farther and farther until it was a couple of blocks
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out. then at one time, they left leaving national guard here to hold this neighborhood and to keep the security here so there wouldn't be the sort of looting that we saw last night. and then police are able to go to other places in the city and patrol. we have a car coming through here. watch yourself. police were able to go through other portions of the city. there were, for the first time, some activity in south baltimore several miles, about five miles south of here and there were three arrests there that i saw and there were some police in riot gear there. but certainly not the heavy presence that we have here in west baltimore. john. >> as we ticked down to 10:00, we saw this face-off between the police on one side, a small number of protesters on the other. it was very tense. but it seems is like the police were using different tactics and it was very disciplined, very
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restrained. >> and much slower, to put them into play. they basically moved at a very slow pace to move out of that area. there are so many media here now that the protesters and the media there, not just protesters, but they were trying to corral the media and as some shortly after 10:00 p.m., the police started to assert themselves more aggressively, pushing the protesters out slowly. there was some bottle throwing, there was some rock throwing. then they used pepper bullets at some point. and were able to move protesters out using those sort of methods. and now there are people out in the neighborhood to some degree, but you have so many police now in six, seven, eight, nine squad cars literally snaking through the neighborhood, sort of providing presence, letting basically anybody in those
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neighborhoods know if you are out, you are going to be watched. >> and finally, you mentioned the national guard behind you. this is a big deal. it's essentially u.s. military soldiers. they're armed, they're wearing fatigues, they're traveling in armored vehicles. how significant is it to have this military presence on the streets of an american city? >> well, it's significant. it is not marshall law, but it is a curfew. we as members of the media that are working, that we could pass through these streets and if you had a medical emergency or if you were just a civilian on your way to work or on your way back to work, you could get through these streets. but you have to have sort of a reason to be here. if they stop and ask you what you're doing, what you're going, and if you don't have the proper answer, then that will be an issue. this is the first night of this curfew. so far, took a few hours to put it into effect fully, but it seems to be holding so far.
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and we'll see how the days ahead go. >> miguel, thank you. miguel marquez, who has been covering this story almost noon stop since it began. >> i want to go now to brian todd who is live for us in baltimore. brian, there was a point today, roughly after 10:00 where you saw a group of protesters who defied police, began throwing things at police and as the night progressed, everything sort of seems to calm down and the streets emptied out. are we now completely in the clear? >> well, if we're not in the clear, we're pretty close to it. this is an almost eerily quiet scene here at north and pennsylvania avenue. this right here is where the barricade of riot police were standing in an almost impenetrable line jut over an hour ago.
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the only law enforcement presence we now see are some national guardsmen and a couple of police around here with their armored vehicles and down this street here. this is pennsylvania avenue. excuse me, north avenue. and i have to say that about 24 hours ago, about a block away from here is one of the scarier scenes we've seen. there was a car smoldering in the middle of the road at north and fulton street. businesses were being looted. we had to pull back for our own security about a block away. very scary scene here. but as you see, it is completely empty. we even saw people start to go clean up a bit at 12:30 tonight. will they be back here tomorrow? we're not sure. friday is an important day when the police present their report on the froddy gray incident and some recommendations for possible charges may be forthcoming or may not be.
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so that is going to be a big day to look forward to. this was the scene of one of the most notorious acts of destruction into the day and evening. the cvs pharmacy, you can see it there completely burned out. that was a huge fire, took them several hours to get it under control and it really symbolized the violence taking place here on monday. that was the start of it and it blasted for several hours. we were here until past this time last night. reporting on it. now the city of baltimore is calm. we heard some other people talking tonight about how the crowds were restrained, how the police were restrained. that is certainly true. we saw volunteers from the crowd standing right here between the police and protesters kind of becoming a barrier for them and pushing people out as the curfew approached, especially young people. it was pretty moving, actually, to see these volunteers saying, if you're under 17, go home, taking some of the young people that they knew and escorting
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them out, telling them get out of here, go home. you get the sense that the citizens here wanted to take back their neighborhood and they appeared to have done so tonight, zain. >> those citizens in baltimore certainly have a sense of pride. what a difference a day makes, very different images we're getting out of baltimore tonight compared to monday night. brian todd, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> let's go to jason carol now joining us with more from another part of baltimore. jason, it is all quiet where you are and that is mott the case a few hours ago. >> no, not at all. >> jason -- >> no, it was just the opposite, in fact. in fact, we're standing in the same area where you just heard from where we saw them before, where we saw brian todd out here. this is where the line of officers were standing. this is where it all happened. it was tense, no question about it. it was disappointing, no question about that for some of those who came out here.
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like rev rant pamela coleman who stood out here with a bull horn for hours until her voice gave out, calling on people to be calm, calling on people to obey the curfew and go home. she was one of those people who stood between officers who were out here and some of those that were agitated here in the community and spoke to them one-on-one. this is what she said shoovsh done all along, perhaps if more people were reaching out and talking to some of those who felt disenfranchised in the community, maybe we wouldn't be where we are today. this is one of the things here. i want you to take a look at this. this is one of the things they were using against those who were defying the curfew standing out here. it is called a rubber baton. they were firing this as some of those rioters, if you will, started blowing plastic bottles,
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glass bottles and rocks at police who were standing right where i'm standing now. the question now becomes what happens tomorrow? what happens the next day? what happens the day after that? today was better than yet yesterday. perhaps tomorrow will be a little better than today. that is what people -- many people in this community are hoping at this hour. >> and, jason, this is a citywide curfew. it's in place for a week. and the list of excuses for violating that curfew, it's pretty short. so what happens to anybody who is caught out after 10:00 at night, i guess, from this point on? >> yeah. well, think about what happened tonight. seven people taken into custody for violating the curfew. two people arrested for looting. you will be taken into custody and that is what those community leaders were warning people about. if you're young and you're out here, if you're old and you're out here and you don't belong in
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the street, you run the risk of being taken into custody and that is the risking that you want. -- if that is what you want to do. a lot of people are hoping that while you saw the pictures, which were tense, and standing out here as you see this conflict between the police and some of those in the communities, even as a reporter you're standing here witnessing that, it's tense to witness that, but when you think overall about how the city responded today, it was a better day today than it was yesterday and that's what they're trying to hold on to. >> jason, thank you, live in baltimore. and i guess the big difference is what we've been hearing over and over again, is that the community leaders were the ones out on the street and the religious leaders out there
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urging people to -- >> right. suddenly different from what we saw in ferguson. on friday, you have the baltimore police investigation. the question is, will the public learn anything? if so, what will that change in the coming days and weeks to co come. >> the u.s. military is on the street. they're in fatigues, they're in vehicles, and they're in control. this happened hasn't since 1974. there is no excuse for monday's rioting, calling the violence counterproductive. >> the violence what happened yesterday destructed from the fact that you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests. and one burning building will be looped on television over and over again and the thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way, i think, have been lost in the discussion. >> many in baltimore are trying
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to bick up the poois pieces and move forward. residents were out earlier on tuesday morning coming together to support their city. they spent the day cleaning up trash and sifting through debris after monday's night of destruction. and let me show you a glimmer of hope. you can see a young boy, he is offering water to a line, flanks of police officers who were wearing riot gear during tuesday's relationship. this quite a contrast between the scenes of unrest we saw on monday night with the looting, a lot of violence, a lot of planning. >> music and dancing, as well, as peaceful protests throughout the streets on tuesday. some there in baltimore demanding justice, but they're doing it like this, peacefully. >> okay. we're going to take a quick break here on cnn.
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. the worst nightmares of several families came true just a few hours ago. indonesia executed eight drug convicts by firing squad on tuesday. their bodies were taken from the prison island. >> among the eighth were two australians, the leaders of the so-called bali 9 drug ring. australia made the rare move of withdrawing its ambassador to indonesia for consultations. the prime minister very vocal, condemning the execution. >> these executions are both cruel and unnecessary. cruel because both andrew chan and myron sudamayon spent some decade in jail before being executed. and unnecessary because both of
10:20 pm
these young australians were fully rehabilitated while in prison. >> for more on australia's reaction, tom joins us now live. why has australia withdrawn its ambassador from indonesia? because in the past when australians have been executed for drug crimes, singapore comes to mind, no such action was taken. >> yeah, that's right. ten years ago, a man bass executed for trafficking crimes. the main difference really seems to be not just the death, but the fact that the. also some of the images around the final few days, some of the transfers of the prisoners were really over the top in terms of military presence, warships
10:21 pm
being stationed just off the coach. even the last chance families had to see them was chaotic scenes. there wasn't a smooth transition. they were mobbed by media because they weren't allowed to driech up close to the port and even towards their final moments, the two men weren't given access to their preferred christian pastors. it has seemed to be the process. there were legal challenges still remaining, including allegations of bribery around the sentienting of these two men. and that led did on to some discontent. >> so the process as opposed to the principal, i guess. domestically, it would be a popular thing for tony abbott to scale back presence in indonesia. >> reasonably. a lot of people have been outraged and appalled by the death sentence being carried out. but these people were in charge
10:22 pm
of trying to muggel heroine from indonesia. are they going to cut the eight? almost certainly. it's a question of how they do it. the australian age budget is already being cut. indonesia is the biggest recipient of australian foreign aid. nearly $600 million is almost alternative to feel the effects of that. does australia say it wasn't going to happen and try to hose down some of the tensions in the relationship? >> are the indonesians likely to take any action? there was a cushion a few months ago that indonesia could. >> and that comment was made in
10:23 pm
particular during the presidential elections and there were concerns, depending on which candidate got in, that there wouldn't be a helpful policy when it comes to eye lensing. that would be a key bit of cooperation. is it likely? that would be a few steps away and would be a hostile action from indonesia. for now were we're hearing people saying we're not targeting australians, we're targeting drug dealers. and the indonesian president saying yes, the relationship is important to us. . and the indications are that they're not going to take drastic actions here.
10:24 pm
they will want to make sure this relationship endures. it's unlikely to have drastic reaction in terms of jakarta. >> thank you. . now to our other major developing story. nepal, the death toll is now over 4800. >> rain is in the forecast. several people have been pulled from the rubble in the past day, trapped more than 80 hours since the quake hit. >> take a look at this. this show you did devastation in the capital. . and for those trapped beneeth the rubble, dr. sanjay
10:25 pm
gupta visited a kathmandu military hospital where hundreds have been treated and saves over the past few days. >> in prama, there's something known as the golden hours. get a patient treatment in that hour, and their likelihood of survival goes way up. in disaster zones like here in nepal, it's all about the first 72 hours. being trapped with longer than that, it's more than what most bodies can handle. over the last three days, this hospital along has taken care of 617 patients and saved a 84 had of them. but those golden hours are coming to an end. to make matters worse, rain. >> this is the worst case scenario.
10:26 pm
but in the middle of a field, they've been able to create this field hospital approximately. they're doing whatever they can to try and take care of people who have been injured in this earthquake. a couple of pieces of tape on the skeelg. still, it threatens to bubble over with water. they are trying everything here to save their own. 22-year-old john casey prays it will all be enough. and he was practicing when the world exploded all avrnd him. his mother could barely speak to us. she was all but certain he had died. after a three-hour operation, the doctors are confident that his rescue within those critical 72 hours will pay off. just a quick look back, and you'll find stories of people
10:27 pm
defying the odds. a 5-year-old boy was pulled from the runl dehydrated but unhurt. >> nine days after a ushth rock the floor. and, a burst of clear sky and the sudden sound of a helicopter. >> you can see the aurm taking these stretchers, going to the helicopter. they have no idea what kind of patients are here, what kind of injuries they have. >> so many patients, so much pain, trapped for days on end and proving the power of the
10:28 pm
human spirit and the will to live. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, kathmandu, nepal. the death toll there approaching 5,000. she says that number could double by the end of all this. when we come back, baltimore's mayor under fire for her response to the riots in her city. we'll have that story, coming up. also, the nigerian army rate in the northeast, details of who they found. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. [ male announcer ] geico.
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>> police in baltimore, maryland, have arrested at least ten people city a citywide overnight curfew began at 10:00 p.m. local time. this followed the funeral of freddie gray, of course, the african-american man would died from a final cord injury a week after being arrested by police. to australia, eight drug smugglers executed on tuesday. they were the leaders of the so-called bali nine drug ring. australia announced it was withdrawing its ambassador for consultations. >> hindu families are holding korea magz ceremonies throughout the capital kathmandu. more than 4800 people were killed in the quake. authorities say they fear that that number will rise. >> as tensions engulfed baltimore, maryland, the city's mayor has faced a backlash for
10:33 pm
her response. >> cnn has more including her battle with maryland's governor. baltimore's mayor is under fire as peaceful protests turn into violent rights riots. >> this is one of our darkest days as a city. >> the governor making it clear that he feels the mayor acted much too slowly. >> the violence started at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. finally, i believe around 6:00, the mayor said -- requested us to bring in the national guard. we already had called up and the national guard had been put on alert. they were ready to act. >> you could do nothing? >> we did quite a bit, but we waited until the mayor asked for us to come in. we didn't think it was appropriate to come in and take over the city without the request of the -- >> the governor, doubling down on a charge he raised the night
10:34 pm
before, suggesting he wasn't to blame. >> when the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order and we were trying to get in touch with the mayor for quite some time. >> the mayor had won praise for how she and her police force responded during a week of mostly peaceful demonstrations. then over the weekend, while talking about the rights of protesters, a misstep in her carefully crafted messages. >> it's a very delicate balancing act because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, you know, things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well 37. critics charged that meant she was able to accept a level of violence on the street. she turned the tables blaming the media. >> i did not save that we were accepting of it. i was explaining how property
10:35 pm
damage can happen during a peaceful protest. it is very fortunate that members of your industry decided to mischaracterize my words. >> the governor deploying 1,000 national guard troops on the streets, different from yesterday when many were asking where are the police? last night, when the two appeared together -- >> how are you going to enforce the curfew -- >> one thing they seemed to agree on, bother running out of answers. >> say what? say again, ma'am. i'm sorry. >> later on in this hour, we will continue baltimore coverage reaction from a mother who pulled her son away from a crowd of rioters. we can see her slapping, beating her son, her teenager, showing her son tough love. she was, of course, praised by baltimore's police commissioner.
10:36 pm
>> the prince of saudi arabia has been relieved of his position as crown prince according to a statement from the country's king. the king's nephew is the new crown prince. he's the next in line. the moves are a significant reshuffling and changed the kingdom's lynn of succession for decades to come. shinzo abe will make history later today as the fist japanese prime minister to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress. mr. abe attended a steak dinner at the whout white house tuesday night. his trip is seen as an effort to reinforce relations between tokyo and washington especially as china if a gains more prominence on the world stage. the nigerian army has rescued nearly 300 girls and women from bokarahan camps. >> at one of the camps, that's why militants trained small children.
10:37 pm
>> joining us me, aisha. we now know that these rescue girls aren't those girls, but who are they? >> indeed, zain, that is very much the question on the minds of all of us, trying to figure out where these girls are from, when they were taken and really what they've been through in their time in boko haram custody. they said basically they stumbled upon these 293 women and girls. they are still being asked questions to ascertain their identities, but that is still unknown. i think for a lot of people, it's going to bring home the fact that boko haram has been taken women and girls for such a long time. they've taken some 2,000 women and girls since the beginning of last year. so this has been an ongoing trend, if you will, and i think for a lot of people, they want to make sure these women and girls who have been rescued get
10:38 pm
the support and the rehabilitation they're going to need to basically re-enter society. >> do we know if the nigerian military had any type of outside help with this particular mission? >> no. outside help in the sense that they have been working closely with their regional allies in recent months. certainly they've been getting african assistance, african regional assistance from the nigerians, the katarans. they've always been involved in this offensive to crush boko haram. and let's not forget, zain, that boko haram in recent months pledged allegiance to isis. so boko haram is now a very real threat to not just nigeria and even its snashing countries, but to the west african region as a whole. so we have seen in recent months this specific separation that took place on tuesday which saw the rescue of these 293 women
10:39 pm
and girls. it is our understanding from nigerian officials that this was a nigerian operation. >> i know you covered this story from the very beginning. good luck. jonathan has one month left. his legacy was really tarnished by the missing girls. does this rescue in any way redeem him? >> well, listen, i think for a lot of people, this is definitely a step in the right direction, but let's not forget that there are still countless other women and girls and boys and men who have been taken by boko haram since they began their insurgency back in 2009. of course, this is great news, but i don't think anyone is at this point ready to say the government of good luck jonathan has done all it should have done. we know the issue of insecurity plays a large part in seeing him ousted from power. so i think that hang over him.
10:40 pm
and it will certainly tarnish his history. and many have asked the question time and time again, why hasn't the nigerian government taken the time to really deal with boko haram. it doesn't make up for the countless lives lost and the massive displacement and disruption that is being caused to the northern part of nigeria. >> many thanks for that. it's after 11:00 a.m. in nepal where the prospects of finding survivors from the massive earthquake are fading. ahead we'll show you some dramatic rescues that are giving people hope. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications
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dramatic and saddening images there. the death toll from the devastating earthquake in nepal has climbed above 4800. but the government says search and rescue efforts certainly remain a top priority. >> some of those efforts are paying off. ivan watson reports now from kathmandu. >> at the end of the tunnel, carved deep in the debris, a ray of hope. rescue workers flown in from turkey reach a man trapped by the earthquake in kathmandu more than 60 hours after a seven-story building came tumbling down around him, john casey escapes. he's injured and dehydrated, but rescuers say they're confident he'll live to see another day. a successful rescue for a stricken country that has seen
10:45 pm
its most treasured monument destroyed if the blink of an eye. amid the death and destruction, there are other stories of survival. people like takamaya citola, a mother of four rescued after being trapped in the rubble of her home. >> you were trapped for 36 hours. do you have any injuries? that's incredible. she's now reunited with her husband of 15 years. you never lost hope that your wife was alive? never, he tells me. i was only worried she might get hurt during the rescue. at disaster sights across the capital, nepalese police are working alongside rescue teams from around the world in a race against time. a struggle to find more survivors. >> kathmandu is a very -- has a very poor infrastructure. so the buildings are poor quality. tease what makes people suffer
10:46 pm
the most. most of the houses are damaged. and also the house infrastructure is too bad. so rescue people when we get them to the hospital, it's all very low kwauld quality house service. >> but three days after the earthquake, the weather isn't making this work any easier. the after shocks and difficult conditions are putting some people here on edge. a small group of protesters scuffles briefly with police after accusing the government of not doing enough to help victims of this natural disaster. this is a beautiful country, but it's also very poor and it's clear it will take a long time for these people to dig their way out of this terrible mess. ivan watson, cnn, kathmandu. >> some 8 million people across
10:47 pm
nepal has been affected by the earthquake and the u.n. says the humanitarian needs are huge and. >> a hospital has been set up. some patients don't want to be indoors. other hospitals are lacking vital medical supplies. getting relief aid in has been difficult. kathmandu's airport has just one runway and limited space for aircraft to park. that's created a logjam. india has created tons of food and other supplies to other survivors in nepal. so, monica, let's just go back to nepal. the death toll there is currently roughly around 5,000. and the nepalese prime minister says that number could double. >> that's right, it could double. and, you know, they are nowhere near done clearing the rubble, you know. there are still piles and piles of rubble, hills of rubble on
10:48 pm
the street corners in nepal. and there could be a lot of bodies under those. the rescue efforts are slow, they're very difficult. every now and then, there is a positive outcome. for the most part, what they're finding under those heaps of rubble are bodies and there are so many mounds of rubble waiting to be cleared still. so the death toll could rise significantly. there could be entire villages we're hearing that have been completely wiped out and it's taking a long time for rescue teams to reach those villages. and it's only once they are able to reach those remote areas that the exact scale, the extent of the damage and the exact scale of the damage will be known. so it is very conceivable that the death toll could increase
10:49 pm
significantly. >> and, you happen, there's the death toll that is rising steadily, but let's talk about reconstruction efforts. has there been any discussion about that whatsoever? >> very little at the moment. the primary focus is on saving lives. that means continuing the search for survivors and it means continuing to treat the people who have been injured, who are in hospital and who need help. but yet yesterday in his address to the nation, the prime minister did talk about reconstruction and he said that in time, nepal will work on rebuilding all the historic and the religious monuments that have been destroyed. they have been destroyed, as ivan said, in the blink of an eye. nepal had so many heritage structures and monuments which have been destroyed. but the priority right now is on saving lives, on helping those who have been injured, and then the next step will be finding
10:50 pm
these people homes because entire villages have been destroyed and so many thousands of people have lost their homes. >> the thing is, a lot of aid has flowing into kathmandu. monica, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we're going to take a break here on cnn. when we come back, it was one of the stand out moments from the baltimore riots. up next, we hear from the mother who dragged her son away from the violence.
10:51 pm
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in ferguson, missouri, we received word of gunshots during a solidarity movement to support the people of baltimore. >> there are reports that at least one person has been injured by gunfire. a city official says a few hundred people were at the scene. he also says rockers were thrown at police. we'll update you on the situation as we get more information. some unprecedented sports fallout from the unrest in baltimore. >> due to safety concerns over rioting in the city, wednesday's scheduled game between the
10:55 pm
baltimore oriole else and the chicago white sox will be closed to the public. a major league baseball source says the league is not aware of any prior closed-door games. the orioles announced that this weekend's home games would be moved to tropicana field in st. petersburg, florida. >> first time in about 145, 147 years. now to the video which has a lot of people around the united states talking, the now famous moment when a mother grabbed her son and slapped him repeatedly when she found out that he was out there rioting. >> this woman's name, this is her in yellow. you can see her grabbing her son. her name is toya grand. she's speaking out about why she walloped her 16 yooifr-year-old. >> not even thinking about cameras or anything like that. that's my only son. and at the end of the day, i don't want him to be a freddie gray. >> yeah. she said i don't want him to be a freddie gray. and you really can't blame her necessarily for treating her son
10:56 pm
that way even though it was in public, probably slightly embarrassing for him. you definitely see in baltimore this community pride where they don't want their children to run riot in the streets. yeah. i don't think we need 2,000 national guard on the streets of baltimore maryland, just a dozen toya grahams to take care of the situation. >> that's exactly right. thank you so much for watching cnn news, everyone. >> stay with us.
10:57 pm
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time is running out. the chance of finding survivors of the earthquake in nepal is decreasing. as the the death toll mounts. >> plus the curfew is working. at least according to police in baltimore, maryland. >> and she lives for now, indonesia executes the bali 9 members but spares this woman's life. >> hello, i'm errol barnett. welcome to viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world. i'm with you for the next two hours here on cnn. this is "cnn newsroom."


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